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Guarav Singh, India

- "Hi, guys! This is Guarav Singh from India. I completed my graduation from India. And now I’m here in Irkutsk, Russia. I like this place, quite good. I like weather also, it’s good. Especially, RECAS, they are providing us here with good facilities. I think the university is quite good. My uncles, my family studied here before me, yeah. That’s why, it’s also good. I like people here, they have good nature." 

Nishant Kharb, India

- "Hi! My name is Nishant. I’m from India. I like this university so much, the teachers are very helpful and our company, RECAS, it’s very nice. They sent Alyona and Lana and Gary to help us. They helped us and every time, at night, at day, at evening time, it’s very good here. And climate is very good, that’s comparative to India. I like it so much because I love snow. And the study materials that university provide us with, is very good. It’s easy to remember for us. They give us 100% to each us. And other things, like shop and all. We know a little bit of Russian so that we can buy the things and all. Er, it’s good. We are going in July home, so I’d leave. This is a gift Alyona gave me, I like it so much."

Nyiko Manzini, South Africa

- "Hi! My name is Niki. I’m 19 years old. I’m from South Africa. I came to study in Russia, in the city called Irkutsk. It’s a very nice city and a lot of interesting people that are very helpful. So, I am looking forward to studying here."

Ritesh Kumar, India

- "Hi, all! My name is Ritesh. I am here for the first time. And I like this university a lot. Teachers are here very helpful, the teachers are very nice here. Though, I get a problem with Russian and English here, but they are very helpful. Whatever they can do, they do for us. We enjoy here a lot. The city is very beautiful."

Roland Alabiri, Ghana

- "My name is Roland Alabiri. I’m from Ghana. And I am a first-year medical student at Irkutsk Medical University. I am here to tell you something about myself and then the university. In fact, I like the school, everything here is perfect. The relationship between the students and our lecturers is also perfect. I like my leading teacher, she speaks good English, she teaches well. And she has time for everyone, when it comes to teaching. Most of the teachers here have time for every learner. I also like my biology teacher, he is also exceptional, Nikita Olegovich. In fact, I also see him as a friend. I also like my Russian teacher, even though I am straggling to manage her name but, Nikolaevna. I like her so much, in fact, this teacher is not a lecturer, she teaches so well… I am beginning to like Russian, although I didn’t like Russian, but the way she manages and cares about the language I have developed so much interest in learning of Russian, more than any other subject. On the whole, I would say everything here is good, the weather, environment, the treatment – everything is nice. And I wish whoever wants to study, should come to Irkutsk State Medical University."

Surya Muttathil, India

- "I’m Surya. I am studying at Irkutsk State Medical University as medical student. I just want to do my MBBS outside my country. And I came here. First time I saw the city full of snow and I was excited. And I like this city too much, and the university is also good. And I like here friends, also, and everything. And teachers, teachers are very helpful in teaching. And everything I like here. Even though I want to go back to my country, I like this country too much. And all shops and everything is good here. And, that’s all, thank you."

Pranjali Kharde Vikrant, 2nd year student of General Medicine at Dagestan State Medical University

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