Why choose RECAS

RECAS provides a wide range of services  for our students;

 • We have been working since 1991 and were the first who started to assist international students to get admission at Russian Universities after the fall of USSR on contract bases.;
 • We are legally registered company operating under the laws of Russian Federation, complying with all norms of Russian legislation, international agreements and conventions;
 • We are authorized to work for recruitment of students for Russian State Universities from any foreign countries by State Universities of Russia working under Ministry of Education of Russian Federation;
 • We provide impartial advice and counseling making sure you access to all possible course types destinations of your interest;
 • We provide complete assistance from start to finish – from choosing course, application process, admission, invitation visa, flight arrangements, reception at airport;
 • We assist students in completing their admission process, visa extension, medical checkups, settling them at University hostels after their arrival;
 • We help students in all aspects of their lives during their stay in Russia;
 • RECAS has experienced, professional and friendly staff – all RECAS staff has experience of many years of working for recruitment of students and co-ordinating students during their studies and living in Russia;
 • We are accredited by Russian embassies worlwide;
 • We guarantee individual approach to each applicant;
 • We are partner for many international programs;
 • We are partner of many international organizations;
 • We are co-partners of academic centers;
 • We cooperate with the best higher educational establishments throughout Russia;
 • We will help you to make the right choice of the specialty and educational institution with regards to your professional expectations and personal choice;
 • We offer free of cost services to all our students during their stay in Russia;
 • We don’t hide any additional payment;
 • We assist our students securing visa issuance at Russian embassies worldwide; we are ready to solve any problem while the visa process and getting residence permit in Russia when arrived to Russia;
 • We support students during their staying in Russia answering their letters, sending necessary information, offering best student support service;
 • We provide medical aid in the case of an unexpected illness or student’s trauma (due to the medical insurance). Emergency medical aid is available 24 hours;
 • We regularly upgrade our company due to the rules and regulations issued by the Ministry of Education of Russian Federation, so that we can qualified assistance and support for our students in different life situations;
 • Currently, we have helped more than 10 000 students who already got their degrees from Russian State Universities. All of them have come from different countries of the world. Those young people got splendid opportunities for job placement and successful self-realization. Decision to get higher education in Russia has changed their life radically;
 • The list of higher educational establishments we cooperate is constantly increasing;
 • We have improved all our programs to tiny details during the period of foreign students’ admission into higher educational establishments of Russia. We’ve been working with Embassies and Consulates of Russian Federation, which enable us to solve almost all problems related to visa issue to our clients;
 • We professionally solve the most complicated problems in the area of visa issue, education process, documents verification – which is not available at any other company;
 • Our company has the widest network of representatives in different countries of the world. Geography of our activities goes far beyond African and Asian regions.


Contact Us

RECAS – “Russian Education Centre for African & Asian Students”.

Address: Room No.1, Street Pobedy 69A,
Belgorod, Russian Federation.
For Students:
Ph / Fax: +7 499 3227595
WhatsApp/Viber: +7 499 3227595
E-mail: admission@recas.ru

For Agents/Representatives/Universities:
Ph / Fax: + 7 472 2777205
WhatsApp/Viber: +7 499 4042729
E-mail: admission@recas.ru

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Contact Us

Address: Belgorod, Russian Federation.
For Students:
Tel / Fax: + 7 499 3227595
WhatsApp/Viber: +7 499 3227595
Skype: recasrussia
E-mail: admission@recas.ru

For Agents/Representatives/Universities:
Tel / Fax: + 7 472 2777205
WhatsApp/Viber: +7 499 4042729
Skype: recasrussia
E-mail: admission@recas.ru