Russia is one of the most popular study destinations among Malaysians who want to study medicine. According to the number of UNESCO’s Institute of Statistics, there are more than 3000 Malaysians studying in Russia. Ever since Russian Medical Degrees are recognized by WHO and UNESCO. All Malaysian doctors who graduated from Russian Medical University can practice medicine anywhere in the world and in their home country. 

Why Malaysian students should choose Russian Medical Universities to study medicine?

  • asian studentsRussian Medical Universitiesoffer more than 98% acceptance rate. The admission process of Russia is designed specially to save Malaysian young people from the frustration of rejection at the very first stage of their career.
  • Malaysian students don’t even need to appear in any IELTS or TOEFL Exam.
  • Unlike other countries, Russian universities offer a special preparatory coursefor Malaysians. The course is to prepare students for taking the medical class in Russia. This includes a proper language training and revision of previous knowledge. So, that a student can easily deal with the local patients during their study training, understand the common medical terms and revise all the necessary concepts of biology to start their professional degree.
  • No Racism in Russia, No Religious issues. Russians are world leaders. They will never make you feel inferior among them. Russian people are known to be the most welcoming community.
  • Russian Universities have agreements with government and private hospitals as well as with clinics so they provide Internship in hospitals. Medical students from Malaysia are given a professional experience in various hospitals.
  • MBBS is the most expensive course in all the regions of Europe and America. But Russia offers best medical qualifications at very low-cost fee structure for MBBS. Malaysian students get not only high-quality education but practical experience as well.
  • Russian Medical Degrees are recognized all over the world. They stand top in the UNESCO and WHO rating.
  • Teachers are very professional and friendly. They provide individual attention to each student as compared to other countries.

Malaysians are very welcome in Russia.

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