For English-speaking students from Arab countries who are interested in practicing medicine, medical universities of Russia offer an alternate path to achieving their dreams. Studying medicine in Russia does not require from Arab students any entrance examinations. The admission process is less stressful than universities in other countries where a large number of students apply for a limited number of available places in various schools of medicine. English language programs give students access to modern labs, state of the art hospitals and a degree that is recognized by organizations such as the World Health Organization and UNESCO. Medical Education in Russia is considered to be the best in the world.

arab3 stWhy students from Arab countries should study Medicine in Russia?

  • Easy student visa application process
  • No entrance exams needed
  • High quality of education and excellent academic standards
  • Affordable medical study tuition fees and living expenses
  • International accredited universities and recognised degrees all over the world
  • Simple application and admission procedure
  • Possibility of studying in English\Russian
  • Safe medical study environment

Nowadays, Russia has gained high popularity among the students from Arabic speaking countries who are interested in studying medicine abroad. Russia has become a major hub of medical education in Europe. With the latest technology and facilities available in the Russian Medical Universities, the quality and system of medical education in Russia has gained much high reputation among the Arab students. The Russian Medical Universities have stamped a position for themselves with their exceptional medical teaching style which is unmatched by any other country. 

The cost of medical education in Russian Medical Universities is much lower in comparison with those in other countries of Europe, UK, Canada, USA and many others. The government of Russia keeps an eye on the medical education system making it more advanced with world class infrastructure and technology. In spite of offering an affordable education in medicine, Russia provides the students with high quality standard of living at a very low cost. Russian Medical Universities have been the leading institutions in medical studies in the world for many years. The Arab students who pass out from a medical university in Russia are eligible to work in any part of the world.

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